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With Love from New Zealand!


Was just listening to you chatting about tastytrade. Just wanted to let you know I listen to you from Auckland, New Zealand. I have to watch a lot of the replays because you guys are yacking while im sleeping, but i get up early. Just opened an account, but just starting out with options. I opened the account with you guys because NO ONE else is teaching people how to trade options like you guys.

Keep up the great work.
Cheers, Richard

The tastytrader difference

I just want to give you guys a big thank you. I was talking to my neighbor today who paid 2k for trading lessons utilizing "indicators". When these indicators lined up he would buy an option in order to control a larger notional value than what he could with his funds via stock. He didnt understand why his options were in the money but a loser, did not understand volatility, time decay, implied volatility or how all of these played a part in an options value.

I showed him the tastyworks platform and explained some basic information such as what volatility meant for an underlying and its relationship to options pricing.

When I told him I got this information for free he was amazed..but still stuck on his 2k "training"...which to date he has not done anything more than papertrade and is at a paper loss.

Recommended he start with Mike and his Whiteboard and open a tastyworks account.

I opened a $2500 account with you guys two months ago. I've been trading options for two months now and up about 17% on my account. I watched all of mike and his whiteboard (multiple times) and listen to you guys daily. Amazing the difference between what tastytraders do and everyone else....

Thanks Again,


More interesting than Game of Thrones!

I stumbled on your tastytrade websites while looking to learn more regarding options trading and starting with a small account.....I am currently watching WDIS options 101
and Truth or Skepticism.... I am addicted. This is more interesting than Game of Thrones LOL.

I open a tasty works account and hope to start trading soon once i grasp more understanding.... Your information and entire learning platform is exactly what i have been searching for..... I am so Grateful .. Thank you!!!!


Cherry Picks

Love the new section on Historical earnings move. NEED MORE!

Tobaccoville, NC



Excellent event. You are the Rock Star of Finance. Just Awesome. Some was over my head but some wasn't!! This was truly a confidence builder not only in my ability to learn how to manage my money better, but also in your ability, along with tastytrade/works to make it possible for me to do the same. Great knowledgeable team. Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure!

Thank you for all you do.


Already hit my year goal

Tom and Tony,

I started the year at 211,000. Thanks to you and your FREE education I changed my approach and passed this milestone today. I had targeted 260k for Dec, 2017 and made it here in July.

Many ongoing thanks and god willing us Canadians will get into tastyworks soon.

See you in Portland.


tastytrade is just different!

Bat and Dr. Jim:

This is another reason why most of us should be forever grateful for what you all do at tastytrade and tastyworks. You are literally saving people money and keeping them out of debt.

I was contacted by my in-laws over the weekend. He and his mother paid money to go to this options trading seminar that took place over this past weekend in Boston. She called me asking if I knew about options. She knows I was a former stock broker. She knows absolutely nothing about investing. Zilch.

I said, yes, I know a about it and am learning more every day. She began to tell me how this guy has advanced, technical strategies that guarantees to make them 35% ROC. The speaker said the bubble is about to burst and they need to start buying puts. This was a “nobody knows nothing” moment, but I passed.

She said for an additional $10,000 this guy will show them how to use his advanced strategies and the criteria for which underlying to use. He said he would teach them whatever platform they wanted to use, TOS and even tastyworks, included in this fee.

I let them know I would be glad to help and sit down or talk over the phone with them, whenever they wanted. They kept calling me over the next two days, asking me questions. Each time, I would share with them what I learned from TT and would send them links to TT content, especially WDIS and links to Ryan’s tutorials on tastyworks.

I let them know that all the information tastytrade provides is FREE. I let them know that tastyworks was the easiest platform I ever used and was designed specifically for options trading. Against my PISTA upbringing, I also let them know that the Creator was involved in TOS and now is involved with tastyworks. May PISTA nation forgive me.

They started watching the videos after the seminar was over for the day. They started to realize that they were learning more from 20 minutes of a WDIS video than they received in a full day of this “seminar”.

At the end of the last day, the hard sell was on. They were able to resist due to our discussions and the content they viewed on TT. Others, were not as fortunate. This ***** was actually telling folks to max out their credit cards and start new lines of credit in order to pay for his advanced strategies. This guy is a charlatan!

I will do my best to continue to spread the word of the incredible, FREE content and research. I will do my best to continue to tout tastyworks as the most user-friendly, lowest priced, best quality brokerage firm. I will use this story as a cautionary tale that there are better resources out there who won’t put you in financial detriment, but do the opposite!

On behalf of them, thank you for what you do. Family reunions would have been awkward.


My Inner Mechanical Voice

Hey Bat,

Whenever I am debating doing an adjustment or keeping the delta risk, I find myself going well how would Bat react if Nick brought this up to him. I had an $EWZ strangle that went through my call strike and was at the delta range where I usually adjust and I was sitting there going, 'I don't want to adjust, its an index blah blah'-- all excuses. But I realized if Nick had brought this exact positions/situation up to you would've gone, "your puts are under 10 cents and not helping you at all, just adjust the position you johnny and reduce the delta." So I did. It might work it might not, but I was mechanical. So a big thanks to you and Nick for talking/walking through the mechanics all the time.


Chris M


So I was driving home this evening and my kids were in the back seat when all of a sudden my nine-year-old said " Gooooooood mooooorning you Knuckleheads". Your show wasn't even on at the time

You have left an impression :-)

Thanks for what you do


Thanks For the Pop Up

Hi Tony, and happy birthday,

Wanted to thank you and Tom for hosting the pop-up event last night. It was great to meet you, Tom and some of the other traders. The food and company were great and I know of no other organization that does anything at all similar to that. You are truly reshaping the industry.

Thanks again


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