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A thanks from the north!

So the year is finishing strong, up 27%, very much thanks to you guys and your daily education, mentoring. I was at the He Said-She Said in Portland and had a folder with all of the decals but left it on a chair as I was gabbing with Dr. Jim! I am now planning a road trip and will stop in Chicago (have never been) and bring home some swag.

My (other brokerage) commissions this year are now at $11,700 with a $60,000 positive P/L. Yikes….

I can't wait for Tastyworks in Canada. I look forward to the technology (I am excited about the ability to track changes in my basis through selling premium and rolling positions) and I look forward to a more appropriate commission schedule.

Happy Hannukah, merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your families.

Best regards for a prosperous 2018,

Marty B.
Calgary, Alberta.

Love from down under

Hi to everyone at tasty trade,

Just wanted to say I am so glad I discovered you a year ago. This time last year I determined to understand why I had been beaten up in the market. I could see the power of options but all my books etc turned out to be basically useless. So, I decided to backtest as best as I knew how and happened to discover you when I was looking up information on volatility. This is the best information out there and I can’t believe I can access it so easily without spending tens of thousands of dollars as I have in the past. I really appreciate the research team. They are doing the work I couldn’t have done on my own and it is the reason why I feel I can move forward. I still have biases which I think might be hard to shake - re direction. Coming from a share trading background we are always looking for a sense of direction - it is so ingrained. I look forward to Katie’s email every morning outlining what shows have occurred overnight (I’m in Australia). May God bless you all this Christmas!


Jeff H.

My Co-workers now ask me for help!

Tom and Tony,

I have been listening to you all for two years now. I am 22 and just graduated college this past May. You all have changed the way I think about investing and have turned me into the guy to talk to about finances at the office (I work in IT). I transfered my IRA over to Tastyworks in March ($5,500) and I am up $4,500 since then with just putting on a few new trades a day. Because of you, I've made it my goal to become a full time trader within 10 years.



Can't wait for 2018!

I have been watching for about 2 years and I just wanted to personally thank all of you for all of your assistance. I have learned so much from watching you guys, I wish you all the best and hope your New Year is full of "Dings".

Thanks and I will be harassing you guys more in 2018.



What a Team!

Hey Tony,

Just to refresh your memory, I'm the guy who sent you that cherry a few months back. I'm always happy to see it again on your lunchroom camera during breaks.

I'm half way through watching today's "Theory Practice" and I had to stop and send you these few words. I cannot imagine a better working environment than what you and Tom have created that would allow such diametrically different individuals as Dr. J and Kai and produce a thoroughly interesting discussion on anything, let alone Delta Hedging a Diagonal.

Of course, the above accolades apply to everyone at Tastytrade. Congratulations all round.

Take care and have a great holiday season for you, your family/friends, and of course, everyone at Tastytrade and Tastyworks.


We LOVE the TW platform!

Merry Almost Christmas!

Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the TastyWorks Platform.
The transition from (our other brokerage) was great. We continue to spread the word.
Please give Kristi our congratulations and thanks.

Boston Anna

Thanks for the Visit!

I wanted to thank Tony and the tastytrade team for a great visit last week at your offices. The energy and the quality of financial information and education is top notch and the impact on peoples lives you are having is immense.

Please keep up the great work. Hope to see you in Orlando next year -- and hope to throw the group a party.

Rami F


Hello guys,

I have been watching your show and applying your great content to my personal trading for three years now. I just want to say thank you for everything you do! You have changed the way I view finance and changed my life for the better! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in the morning,

Isaac S

Thank you to the entire team!

Dear tastytrade team, Tom and Tony and all the wonderful charismatic heroes of the clan.

I was born in a middle class family in a desert town of Pakistan. I mean to say that I am a no body from no where. There were times in my childhood when I would run after a cloud and hope that it would stay somewhere to shower upon me.

Overtime, I got a PhD in machine learning and built a career doing data science in Germany. I came across your shows searching for a way to exploit stock markets to improve my finances. Though I cannot open a TW account because I was born in a country of 200 million people suffering from terrorism, I could open an account on IB and started following your strategies. The results have been so far very good. I think more than that I am learning the world of finance, that despite my study in mathematics, statistics and machine learning had been hitherto a bit of unknown to me. I have my retired parents in Pakistan and I need to support them on a continuous basis. Your jives are helping me do that. You guys are the best examples of human spirit to me. You are helping no bodies from no where. And while listening to you, I can still feel the same sensation that I felt running after a cloud in the scorching heat of deserts.

Stay blessed and know in your heart, some of the fragrance stays on hands distributing it.

Best Wishes

Game Changing!

Thanks for pulling together the earnings data. Very useful...and much appreciated. Makes me glad I'm part of a group that really cares about trading and helping each other.


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