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We appriciate you!

Kristi, Tom, Tony, Scott, Mike (Dr Data), Woody, Mike Butler and Ryan Grace, Omar and all those important people I have overlooked

Congratulations on your one year old baby who was born and has grown virtually without a hitch. Unbelievable launch from a group of astoundingly efficient and exceptionally beautiful folks.

And an additional thanks to all those working behind the scenes that make both tastytrade and tastyworks run so efficiently.

Thank you from a very small part of *your* tasty nation

Gary H.

Thank you Tom!

Hi Tom,

I have admired your intelligence since I learned you developed TOS and TDA bought it from you for some ridiculous amount of money. I may not have all those facts entirely accurate but pretty close.

Because I admire your intelligence, I was curious about TT. It took me some years to get onboard. I finally did in 2017 and had an amazing trading year. Well, amazing for my standards. I suppose you might say most anyone could have had a good year as the market was on a tear in 2017. My success is more sustainable because of your website and WDIS. I hunted around and found Dr. Jim and Brittany doing WDIS and am about 1/3 through their 2017 video series. Taking the time to watch, digest and utilize the concepts has made all the difference in my trading and my life.

I began trading options in the late 90’s. I was drawn to options because I could afford to trade them and Wade Cook said I could make a lot of money. I lost a lot of money because I was buying, not selling and after going in and out of trading for about 15 years, I gave up because I felt I just couldn’t get it. I didn’t have the discipline to get out of a trade when I was losing, feeling the market would come back because “it was me!”

In February of 2017, I moved in with my brother who has had success in trading PCS very conservatively. I decided to listen to him and got back into the game. Now, through TT and the help of WDIS, I am making, on average, $400 per week. I’m on a track to make $600 per week in the first quarter of 2018 and will gradually increase that goal as my base increases.

I’m 68 years young, am trading in my IRA that finally reached $40k in 2017. I will have all my current debt paid off by March, 2018. I’ve been carrying this debt for 12 years so it’s a huge relief. I am eternally grateful to you and your vision to bring an understanding of trading to the uninformed. I just watched Case’s TEDx presentation at Parker School so I understand a bit more about your journey.

My life is changed forever because of you. My confidence in myself is at an all-time high which is enabling me to make plans and achieve my intentions. I am developing a skill that I can use for the rest of my life and know I can always generate money. It makes no sense for me to go out and work at a $15/hour job when I can make a week’s salary in one trade and spend my time volunteering and helping those less fortunate.

You are a genius and I thank you for following your passion.

Diane A.

Shout out to the Trade Managers!

Just want to write quickly to say appreciations for this new segment you added to your programs, really great. I am still fairly new to options, only started in 2017, so learning how to manage losing trades is really a high priority for me, so I got my time slot filled from 1:20 to 1:40 for the foreseeable future, thumbs up to Mike and Nick.

Claudia M.

A Late Holiday Gift!

Happy New Year to the TastyTrade company and all your wonderful employees.

*A late Merry Christmas gift to me from you as well!!* (ref your email below)

I funded your platform in late November. I used Tastyworks to make roughly $2,500 in profits in December. My commissions were approximately 8%, so I drew a few conclusions from this short timeframe/experience:

- I concluded I did not want to trade underlyings with prices under $10 or $20 dollars because of the number of contracts needed to make my predetermined trade target proceeds (Pop) for a given strategy
- Using defined positions and iron condors drove my contract quantity exponentially and therefore could drive commissions back into the checklist for trade consideration. Trade small in many cases could not be done cost effectively due to commission considerations

Your January 1st announcement has again set the bar for the rest of the industry and opened up far more possibilities for my trading decisions. I anticipate it will easily alleviate my concerns about the two bulleted
items listed above.

Thanks again for the Christmas/New Years guys are the best.

Please keep your great content coming, I'm consuming it as fast as you can produce it. It's like peeling back the onion, as I continue to see and understand more and more effective trading strategies. I just need to get my number of trades up and get my confidence to where I'm completely mechanical and I understand and react both mechanically and optimally to the evolution of each trade.

Reginald G.


It just keeps getting better!

I don't know how you guys do every thing you do for all of us out here and continue to add to the already awesome tastyworks experience, but I owe you a personal thank you, I probably would have given up on my dream of trading for income by now if it were not for finding you all 5 years ago. I still struggle and lose more than I make but I'm getting better because I'm losing less, your commission fees help keep my dream alive and at work. I could go on and on with my gratitude and know you would appreciate every word since I feel I have gotten to you know you all through Tom and Tony, as strange as that may sound, but after tuning in every day, almost from the start of tastytrade I can see the sincerity in Tom and Tony and the team they put together, the world would be better with more like your selves, who knows with the continuing growth of Tasty Nation your not only changing the financial world but the entire world. Many many many thanks you guys! God bless,

Rodney A

Capped Commission? Sign me UP!

Wow just when I thought the best firm could not get any better. You run this kickoff back over 100 yards for a score.

Now if you could only teach the Cleveland Browns how to score!!!

Happy new year and thank you.

Ron in Ohio

Changing the Industry!

It is a pleasure of mine to know I'm part of such a winning team to help so many!

Jerry P.

A quick thanks

Thank you so much for all you do. Looking forward to your Charlotte visit.


Happy New Year!

Hello TT,

Just to let you know I really love the platform and I am so glad you are continuing to develop it and invest in it.

Keep up the good work,

Kevin S.

I couldn't do it without you!


I just wanted to send you a quick little note to share how my tastytrade-schooled trading has gone this year and give thanks where credit is due...

It has been a crazy busy year, especially 3rd & 4th qtr for me and my business, so I have been away mostly from the daily computer episodes of tastytrade in the am for the last 6 months... Being in the electrical contracting business, my mornings start early giving me little if any time to watch you and Tom in the am before I head out. That being said..

YTD, I am at +140% P&L. The bulk of those gains... and I mean the bulk of those gains are from selling 1 std deviation - 16 Delta strangles on 4 futures underlyings: /CL, /ZB, /GC & /ZS. There are other futures products I sold strangles on including /ZW, /ZC as well as some scalps in /QM, /CT & /YI (which we lost thanks to the exchange fees implemented) and currencies have been nice little wins such as /M6E, /M6A & /M6B. I made a conscious decision to NOT trade any equities on (other broker) because of the commission structure available with my tastyworks account.

These have been the only products I really focused on this year because (1.) there was at least some decent IV rank to sell premium against...(2.) they offered good leverage and efficient use of capital and finally (3.) I could access them from my phone while generally putting in 12 hour days all summer long...hours spent away from the computer well into my last large project that I just finished up last week for the year.

My take away from this can be summarized as two things:

First, tastytrade and all of the financial principals taught FOR FREE, should one put forth the effort to learn, is invaluable and life changing!! I am going on 5 years of being a Tastytrade student. I am forever grateful for the education I have gained from what you guys have been putting out there in both web production, brokerage opportunities and commission structure!!

Second: Mechanical application and strategy, diversity of underlyings, frequency of occurrences and sizing of trades made all the difference in my trade results. I had an approximate 80% P&L last year using the same trades, only I got way too big on several of them and took some hits which took away what would have been another big year. (not that 80% gain isn't anything to shake a stick at...)

I am very much looking forward to moving my entire account back to tastyworks after the introduction of futures options and using the newly released tastyworks Android app to keep me connected while out doing the day job thingy..

It was very exciting to meet you in San Diego at HSSS and meeting Tom again while he was at Univ. of Idaho this year. This was a huuuuge highlight of our year. I am very much looking forward to flying out wherever to see you guys again while on tour this year..

Thank you sincerely for bringing such valuable learning opportunity to us retail, everyday active traders!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! #PISTASTRONG!!

Your Idaho friend,

Layne M

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