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Another Excellent Market Measure

Thank you for an excellent Market Measures on Straddles with No Upside Risk. As with most of your studies, this is an excellent and useful piece of research. I especially like that the results cover a period of both bull and bear markets and that you studied several alternative exit strategies.

Mike B.

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Chandra is an inspiration!

Chandra is such an inspiration, what a guy, What an advert for tastytrade, great great segment

Alex S.

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Chandra The Rising Star

Rising star Chandra, great discussion and inspiring to hear his transition to full time!

You guys are the iphone of the financial world!!

Mike M.

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Nothing has been more user friendly!

You totally rock! Thanks so much. I started watching the tastytrade videos about 3 weeks ago and set up dough soon after. I love the user-friendly websites, your blog with its "plain english" explanations. I've had a TDA account for years but you guys definitely fill in the blanks!



Yana H.

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Great Job Nick!

Great job in breaking even today - and you beat 98% of the Armani suited professionals.

Your bat vs bat segment is creating ripples - Everyone can learn from it.. as an are few changes in my trading style, exclusively after watching bat vs bat...

> Looking at vega and looking at how it is tied to Delta.( I never paid attention to vega in past)
> Dynamic iron condor
> Boxing a spread as a loss mitigation strategy
> Price slices
> Importance of maximizing buying power.

Continue on.. Great job. You will never be a complete professional ( because the mass of audience always has room for improvement - and you represent them) ..So the show should never ever stop!

- Chandra

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The best customer service in the financial industry

I just wanted to thank both Ryan and Beef for taking some time today on their show to respond to my question below. I watched, listened and will apply their guidance going forward.

The answers I have received to the few questions I have posed to Mike and now to Ryan and Beef constitutes such a great service - far better than the money managers who charge tons of money for what often turns out to be inferior service and advice.

Just wanted you to know that your help for those of us who are still fairly inexperienced option traders is not going unnoticed.

- Dick

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My morning OJ - Love the new scripts!

Just a quick note to say that the Options Jive from yesterday was great, and I found it to be very helpful. In particular, the back and forth you guys had at the end of the segment I found to be very instructive. Thanks for all you do.


Chris H.

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Young BAT...

Hey Tony,

Nick is really coming along. Love seeing you two work together!!


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Rolling Strangles Study...

Dear Tom,

I just had to stop and email you after listening to the Rolling Strangles study. This is one of the cleanest, most compelling and, well, beautiful studies ever to come out of your awesome research team.

Like many of us option freaks, I've heard opinions of this topic forever, all without a shred of factual evidence.
You guys nailed this one.

rock on, Tasty

Walter, CA

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My special thanks goes to the BAT Team

Only by regularly watching their show I was able to overcome all of the many personal crisis watching my account during the last few weeks. By staying mechanical, doing what needs to be done and continue to optimize the situation (I have a Masters in rolling by now :-) I survived with my relatively small account. My account value is now already above the value from end of 2015, when the drop started! Amazing how fast the recovery came! Plenty of short option trades (mainly strangles) have been bought back yesterday and today with good gains!

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- Heinz R. in Switzerland

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