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I can’t thank you enough

I called in this morning during the Good Trade Bad Trade segment. I was as nervous as teenager calling for his first date.
Seemed a bit anti climatic for me to simply say thanks.

What Tom started and all of you make happen just blows my mind.

I started some time ago trading stocks with TD Ameritrade and ThinkorSwim.
As a simple long stock trader I made a little and lost a little. Every time I thought I knew what I was doing I lost money and eventually realized it was just luck.

I saw Tom and Tony on the ThinkorSwim platform. What an odd show compared to CNBC or Mad Money. Even Cramer seemed like he wasn’t giving me the whole story. So I watched a few Tasty Trade segments loaded Dough, had a binding glimpse of the obvious and am now a hooked TastyTrader . I’m not real bright but I’m learning.

My career was in aviation. I flew corporate for about 40 years. For about 15 of those years I flew charter and the last 10 or so years the company I worked for chartered the aircraft part time through NETJETS. I’ve flown ex Presidents, high level government officials, rock stars, billionaires and even British Royalty. None of them impressed me anywhere near as much Tom, Bat and the whole team. To spend every day helping me manage my wealth with such straight forward honesty is just awesome. I hate to mention names because I’ll leave someone out; all of you make a difference for me. I retired a few months back partly because you convinced me that with a little work and education I could manage my financial affairs better than any big box retailer. None of those guys impressed me at all. I’ve had about a dozen over the years.

Please pass on to Tom and Bat how much I appreciate them taking my call.

And to all of you thanks for the hard work. I see all of you as the quintessential Boy and Girl Scout, (the good kids as Tom says) joyfully helping this old man navigate the great financial divide. What you do matters.

I can’t thank you enough.

- Jack

Love the TW Web platform

I want to thank Nick for doing his Tasty Extra today on the web platform. I mainly use a Chromebox to log into my account so I have to use the web platform on TastyWorks to do my trading.

I think the web platform is fabulous. It's easy to use. Thanks to everyone at TastyTrade and TastyWorks for all their hard work.



Love you guys!

My curiosity abounds. I am new to options (since the end of January 2018) and to tastytrade but I love your platform, especially the curve view. It made my learning about options so much easier. I love you guys for so many reasons, like your producing, sharing and explaining your research, your inexpensive trading cost and your awesome teachers including my favorite, Dr. Jim. He is awesome.

Thank you all so much.

- Dean

I love you more and more

Hi to Everybody at tastytrade,

It was a year and a month ago that I wrote you expressing my love for your network and platform. Now I love you more.

I have learned a ton watching your shows. My sister and I came to He Said She Said Chicago and both had a great time. And I really like using your platform to trade.

Thank you! You are all amazing.

With my best wishes,


Amazing new TW update

Gooooood morning Guys!

Thank you for this substantial update!!!

LOVE THE P/L Analysis!


Thanks Team

About 4 years ago I started with my own 2500. Now I’m managing my mother and aunts IRAs totaling about 130k (plus my personal 6k account).

I could not have done it without you guys and just want so say thank to from the bottom of my heart.

- Brandon


Thanks for being there for us


I just wanted take a moment and send a sincere and massive THANK YOU to you both. I found tastytrade about a year ago, but didn't jump into the options game and your strategies until September, after a very brief and unsuccessful stint day trading stocks. I introduced my dad to you guys and we signed up for a TW account within a week of each other, and it's now our new common passion.

To the point...

Today's drop in the market was absolutely spectacular and a lot of people lost a ton of money. I, on the other hand, with my meager tastyworks-sized account of about $8,000, made 50% on my account today alone from a mixture of existing short options positions and single legs of /ZF and /ZT that I put on early this morning. I could not have handled the afternoon and feel comfortable managing the risk without your constant guidance and encouragement. You guys are saints; you teach anybody who's willing to learn, and it's a skill that can change lives.

My dad and I will see you at the He Said She Said in Jacksonville and we couldn't be more excited. Again, just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to you and your entire team.

~Mike H.

Shout out to Mike and Nick!

Following Trade Managers everyday is really helping me with managing my trades. A LOT!! I look forward to each new segment.

Thanks so much!

Earnings Cherry Picks

Just wanted to drop a quick note saying Dr. Data's Cherry Picks Earnings Edition is awesome and very helpful. Appreciate another product to help Tasty Nation.
Have a good weekend.


New Trade Managers Segment

Just wanted to say that I found your “Trade Managers” programs. Great!

I have watched Mike previously with his “Whiteboard” and found him to be very good explaining the topic and bringing the knowledge to the audience in an easy to understand way. Watching this show I am also impressed with Nick. First time I have had an opportunity to view him. I’m sure Bat is proud!

No doubt you will find that this particular show helps the majority of traders better understand how they can manage their trades.

Great stuff!!!

Thank you,
Ron B.

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