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Is There a Trade? Week of Feb 20th

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Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista are joined by Mike “Beef” Hart on today’s show to answer the weekly question, “Is There a Trade?”

Though Tom and Tony very rarely trade BECAUSE OF the news, they can often find some opportunity in markets that have been moved by a news release or an earnings announcement. This is the show that brings you Tom’s take on whether the last week’s news shows any opportunity.

The topics of discussion today are not bounded by the stock market. The shows kicks off with the fallout from the recent meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Crude Oil (USO) has witnessed some significant volatility recently, selling off 10% prior to this meeting. Since, the market has bounced a full 4%. Check out what Tom and Beef think about this OPEC bounce.

From there, the guys dive into stocks and Bitcoin. Both Walmart (WMT) and Disney (DIS) have been in the news recently. Walmart is down over 10% after they announced projected struggles with online sales, and Disney has been on the rise given its box office hit Black Panther. Finally, Bitcoin has bounced back into the middle of its range for the last few months after receiving some optimistic words from South Korean regulators.

Grab some further details and opportunity ideas around these news items in the above segment.