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Is There a Trade?

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Attempting to trade news is a tough task. Not only is there so much news out there moving markets, but by the time it reaches the retail trader it has been dissected by algorithm-driven traders who take buying or selling opportunity out of news in an instant. But we still think that news can present us opportunity in options.

On today’s show, Tom and Tony are joined by Mike “Beef” Hart to answer the question that always follows news for us: “Is there a trade?” They kick it off with the recent price war in plane tickets as spurred on by United’s (UAL) announcement of greater capacity on their flights.

After covering the plunge in airline stocks, the guys move on to gambling on sports and how that might fit in the basketball world. The NBA announced they’d like to see a “safe and legal way to wager on sporting events” in exchange for 1% of all bets made on their games, but there has been no real shake up in casino stocks like MGM.

Next up is yet another takeover rumor for Twitter (TWTR). With this being the fourth time they’ve been mentioned amid buyout rumors, is there any opportunity left in selling options? Or calling their bluff and getting short the stock?

Finally, Beef brings it home with cryptocurrencies and how they’ve sent Kodak (KODK) stock soaring. Cryptocurrency in exchange for photo rights? Is there opportunity in trading this stock that’s up over 150% since the news? Find out what Tom and Tony have to say.