Tom Sosnoff

Tom Sosnoff

Co-CEO & Host on tastytrade

Tom Sosnoff, a former trader, became one of Chicago's well-known serial entrepreneurs in financial technology by building a breakthrough options-trading platform, which was later sold for $750 million. He then launched tastytrade, the fastest growing online financial network which produces eight hours of educational and other video programming for traders of all experience levels.

Tom is a recognized online brokerage innovator and sought-after financial educator. Tom founded thinkorswim in 1999, and tastytrade in 2011. He is Co-CEO of tastytrade alongside Kristi Ross.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience as a market maker for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and one of the original OEX traders in the S&P 100 Index pit, Tom pursued a vision to educate retail investors in options trading and to build a superior software platform and a brokerage firm that specialized in options. Keeping this vision in mind, tastytrade's affiliate, tastyworks, was launched in 2017. With Scott Sheridan as CEO of tastyworks, Tom continues to drive innovation and know-how to the do-it-yourself investor as co-host of tastytrade Live.

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Years Trading: 30+

Most Popular Question From Viewers

How do you work with Tony Battista everyday? Or, what'd you have for lunch, or they'll ask me for specific trading tips and advice.

“Customers are our bread and butter. If a customer emails or calls, I’ll get back to them in 15 minutes. We have no employees without customers.”

–Tom Sosnoff

Favorite Underlyings To Trade/Trading Strategies

Anything liquid. (Note: you can follow Tom's trades if you are logged in to the dough platform or if you have a Bob the Trader subscription)

Where Do You See tastytrade In 5 Years?

As the large disrupter in all of finance. From a fee standpoint, transparency standpoint, from holding someone accountable standpoint, from a know-how standpoint.

What Do You Like About tastytrade?

I like the fact that we can change directions as quickly as we need to. I like that we try to be very flat. I like the fact that we have a relaxed culture.

What Is The Hole In The Industry That You Think tastytrade Fills?

This is what we love to do. The industry is totally broken, so we’re doing something completely different. This is finance without the the news, with the pictures...this is alternative strategic finance. True quantitative finance. I believe in creating opportunities, and our programming helps people create those opportunities.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Speaking To Groups Of People?

I’ve been on the road 15 years, and I think it’s important to be accountable to what you say. I always hang around and answer everybody’s questions, but I prefer the one-on-one interaction with people.

In What Way Do You Hope That People Can Benefit From Our Service?

I think people can learn anything. We make finance interesting which then creates engagement, and people can benefit from that however they wish.

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